Travel guide to making Singapore a trip to remember

Singapore is known for its different cultures, a contrast of new and old architecture, sightseeing and food. Singapore provides a spectrum of fine dining options ranging from mouthwatering affordable street food to pricey delicacies.

If you are planning a holiday to Asia’s most popular destination, then here is an essential travel guide to Singapore. Your guide includes advice on the best tourist sights, restaurants, bars, shops etc.

Iconic architecture

When you see a postcard or travel website of Singapore, then you will undoubtedly see the waterfront. Experience the iconic architectural beauty of Singapore by exploring the Esplanade Marina Bay Sands, the National Gallery Singapore and other surrounding wonder front icons such as the Merlion.

Sporting events

Singapore is well-known for sporting events such as Singapore Grand Prix, WTA Finals and Singapore Rugby Sevens. So don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these sporting events as the city comes alive.

Local food

In Singapore, you will love to enjoy mouthwatering restaurants and street foods. Discover and taste local flavors of different foods and enjoy every bite. Places to visit include Lau Pa Sat and my favourite Newton Circus. You may also find a number of fine dining restaurants especially around Marina Bay Sands shopping mall.

Unwind in the Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens contain an array of botanical and horticultural allures with a rich history and discover vast varieties of plants of worldwide significance. Despite, there is also the National Orchid Garden, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and other ginger garden, rainforest, several streams and beautiful waterfalls to explore. The opening hours of the Botanic Gardens are 5 am to 12 midnight daily.

Visit Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo boasts of its rare and incredible animals where they roam freely in their natural surroundings. You will be able to see more than 3600 species of mammals, birds and reptiles that offer exciting wildlife experiences to the visitors.

So pack your bags and rush to explore astounding sightseeing of Singapore.

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