Things to do in Sydney & Exploring unique wonders

Find out spectacular wonders of Australia’s charming city – Sydney, known for its natural beauty, sun-drenched beaches, award-wining restaurants, gardens, sparkling harbour, Blue Mountains, iconic landmarks, idyllic balance of architecture, botanic gardens, exciting skyline and many more tourist attractions. If you delight all these allures of the city, explore perfect travel deals to Sydney online at reasonable rates.

Dotted with natural wonders

Sydney is the most exciting and vibrant city of Australia where you can enjoy various activities. It is blessed with different tourist attractions and activities. We have discussed some things to do in Sydney for you here.

Sydney Tower Eye

Formerly known as Centre Point Tower, Sydney Tower Eye is a superb tourist spot which offers magical 360 degree panoramic vistas of the city. Enjoy scenic views of Sydney and its surrounding from the tallest tower. Binoculars are available at the top of the tower that allows you to see the natural blue haze of the Blue Mountains to the west and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to the east and majestic views of the South Coast and North Coast.

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

The zoo is home to 4900 exotic and native species which include tigers, gorillas, giraffes, leopards, koalas, kangaroos, chimpanzees, pygmy hippos, komodo dragon and a whole lot more endangered spices of animals. Visitors feel delighted to see daily bird and seal shows.

Royal Botanic Garden

It’s a major botanical garden placed in the heart of the Sydney in Australia. This garden provides several walking paths and scenic train rides for kids. It was opened in 1861 and is the oldest scientific institution in Australia and the most significant botanical institution in the world. Visitors may enjoy breathtaking views of garden area, beautiful flora.

Before you book your trip, don’t forget to follow travel guide to Sydney that will provide you deep insights about the city.

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