Things to see and do in Bali for a truly unforgettable trip

Bali is a beautiful island and province of Indonesia situated at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Bali, also known as Island of the Gods is known for its sandy coastlines, natural greenery, lush terraced rice paddies, cloud-capped volcanic mountains, magnificent temples, delicious cultural food and a whole lot more tourist wonders which will seize the attention of the visitors throughout the year.

Bali provides you an opportunity to indulge yourself in various things to do in Bali, some of them are cited below.

Neka Art Museum

Neka Art Museum is a beautiful art gallery and museum situated on Jalan Raya Campuhan, in the village of Kedewatan, northwest of the main Ubud centre. The Museum was established by Balinese art lover Wayan Suteja Neka. The museum has an excellent and diverse collection of paintings and sculptures displayed through six distinct buildings in a Balinese-style garden compound.

Gunung Kawi

The shrine is situated north east of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. It consists of 10 rock-cut candi (shrines) which are carved into some 8 metre high sheltered niches of the sheer cliff face. It has many beautiful Sawa and Pakrisan River which flows right through the center of the complex divides it in two different parts. Visit here to explore the beauty of this shrine.

Batu Bolong Beach

It is an outstanding white sandy beach stretch from Seminyak which offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.  At Batu Bolong Beach, visitors may surf and enjoy excellent sea food delicacies with their loved ones at best price.

If you want to explore bewitching attractions of Bali, book your trip and indulge in several things to do in Bali with your family and loved ones.


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