Top 10 Budget Friendly yet Amazing Things to Do In Singapore

Home to some of the best tourist places, Singapore is often considered by travellers as an expensive city-nation. However, there are plenty of things to do in Singapore that will ease the pressure on your pocket. We have handpicked for you top ten freebies in Singapore.

Sketch Your Favorite Graffiti

Don’t we all just love the amazing graffiti work made on walls? In Somerset Skate Park, you can bring out the creativity in you by painting your own art. Perfectly legal, this Park has an enormous wall to draw for free and you can also enjoy some skating time as well.

Hiking at Mount Faber

Hike to the top of Mount Faber and watch the beautiful skyline of Singapore. Experience a stunning natural beauty of stretched landscape, murals and diverse flora and fauna. Hike during the day to experience the skyline by the time it is dusk.

Enjoy a Picnic at Check Jawa

A picnic with loved ones with a tranquil location is something to relish lifelong. This place is a rich bio diverse picnic spot, that’s why it makes to the top bucket list of most of the travellers to Singapore. Visit the place either at dusk or dawn; you will surely have a fun time.

Fishing at Yishun Dam

This outdoor activity at the serene Dam of Yishum is just refreshing. Once you are in Singapore, a fishing trip at the start of dawn will provide you a rejuvenating experience.

Fly a Kite at Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is best to hang out with your loved ones. Fly a kite and experience some quality fun time here. At all times you can find a decent crowd enjoying the fun activities here.

Shop at the Free Market

An absolutely fun and entertaining market to acquire anything for free. Grab whatever you like and pay nothing. However, for a kind gesture repay by giving away your own free wares.

MacRitchie Treetop

Walk among the trees and wildlife on the MacRitchie suspension bridge. This totally free bridge lets you experience a view of the forests from the top and that too super closely.

Singapore Festivals

Singapore is colorful and vivacious during festivals and carnivals with lots of lights and décor driving the whole city. The best time to visit Singapore would be when the amazing festivities are in full swing.

Open Theatres

A large outdoor screen playing your favorite movie that you yourself choose is a great idea when it comes to doing things for free in Singapore.  A whole new level of drive-in movies, this movie mob must definitely go on the top of freebies list.

Botanical Gardens

Just around the hustle and bustle of the city, the botanical gardens have a lush green sward with scenic ponds and charmingly pruned gardens. An escape to this paradise will leave you awestruck and mesmerized.

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