Top 10 Things to Do In Taormina Italy 2017

Situated at the east cost of Sicily on the banks of Ionian Sea, Taormina is perched on a hill about 250 meters above the sea. Providing some of the most picturesque and scenic views, this Italian town is home to numerous cruise ships, making it an ideal tourist destination. A couple of days in Taormina are enough to explore its sheer beauty and bring out the adventurous side in you. This guide lists the top things to do in Taormina Italy that will be handy to help you start your journey.


Greco Teatro

An iconic signature sight of Taormina has got to be this perfect horse-shoe shaped theatre that is suspended between the sea and sky with Mt Elna looming on the horizon. This 3rd century BC ancient theatre is built mostly of bricks which indicate that it has Roman origins. However, its layout follows what is considered a Greek design. Thus, it is sometimes referred to as Greco Roman Theatre. This theatre is preserved in such a way that it is still used for concerts and theatre performances.


This giant village located on the top of a hill above Taormina is considered as one of the most beautiful towns of Italy. A climb to the top of the castle is worth those extra steps to witness the mesmerizing view. Being a perfect sport for a mid-day lunch break and shopping, Castelmota village is something you must positively invest your time in.

Isola Bella

Located in a small bay on the coast just below Taormina, this small island was once a private property until 1990 when its owners went bankrupt and auctioned the island. Now it is designated as a natural reserve. Take the cable car ride down to the shore from Taormina to enjoy the best view.

Alcantara Gorge

Just a 40 minute bus ride from Taormina, Alcantara Gorge is located on the north of Mount Etna, formed thousands of years ago when a lava flow from the volcano was cooled quickly by the flow of the Alcantara River. It is a highly recommended attraction not to be missed.

Public Gardens

Also known as the Trevelyan Gardens, it has a panoramic walkway that faces the sea and Mount Etna. The garden is home to one of the most beautiful flower beds, bushes, trees and finely trimmed hedges. A pleasant walk in the English-styled garden is surely to remember.

Piazza Duomo

Situated at the western end of the Corso Umberto, this gorgeous piazza is the site of the Church of San Nicola. The church was built around 1400 AD and was constructed over the site of an older church.

Corso Umberto

A perfect shopping destination for tourists and locals, the Corso Umberto is lined with numerous high end shops as well as gelato shops, vendors, cafes, souvenir shops, jewelry shops, etc. The streets illuminate with beautiful lights and music at night is definitely a place to visit.

Mount Etna

A truly enthralling and charming view of the Mount Etna is worth it all. A visit to Europe’s largest volcano is indeed an amazing adventure.


Famous for Granita, a semi frozen dessert that originated in Sicily, the Bambar is a local legend in Taormina. This place is visited by various celebrities.

Piazza Ix Aprile

Being the epicenter of Taormina, the Piazza IX Aprile is a sunset destination apt for a photo session. Offering a perfect view of the Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, this place is surely a must-visit destination.

A visit to the enthralling town of Taormina will surely prove to be the best decision you could make. Although there are not many Things to Do in Taormina Italy, a 2-day trip to this beautiful town will be a memorable one.



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