Brief History to Know Before Visiting Taormina Sicily

While exploring Taormina Sicily a little knowledge of their ancient history is handy to make the most out of your visit. Taormina is situated in the metropolitan city of Messina on the east coast of the Sicily Island in Italy. Toggling between the Greek as the “Tauromenion” and Romans as the “Tauromenium”, Taormina has come a long way.

While the Greek population of Naxos settled Taormina very early in the 4th century BC, the town experienced a long period of prosperity as a vassal of Syracuse. Since it was a temporary capital of the Byzantine province of Taormina, it was the last Sicilian town that fell into the Arabs. Undergoing decades of turbulence in the Middle Ages and a slow declination of the town, Taormina was re-discovered as a resort in the 19th century bringing prosperity to the town.

Ancient Taormina

After Dionysius I of Syracuse destroyed Naxos, the Sicily granted shelter to the Greek settlers before the tyrant of Syracuse also conquered the Greek Tauromenium. The father of the Greek historian Timaeus, Andromachus ruled over the town for the first time in 358 BC. In the first Servile War, Taormina was one of the chief throttleholds of the slaves and associated itself with Sextus Pompey after the assassination of Julius Caesar, which led to the deportation of the population after Octavian’s victory.

Taormina middle Ages

The conquest of Sicily by the Arabs was the time when Taormina became the capital of the Sicilian province Byzants, before falling to the Arabs as the last Sicilian town in 902 AD. Under the Normans in 1410, Taormina gained in significance. This is when the Sicilian parliament decided to choose a new king. Conversely, the Spanish and French set in motion the decline of Taormina till the town was re-discovered as a holiday destination in the 19th Century.

Present Day Taormina

With the increase of tourism, the city started gaining importance yet again and became one of the most popular resorts in the eastern Sicily. With picturesque views of the sea and Mt Etna, Taormina is now a famous tourist destination.

Take a trip to Italy to explore Taormina Sicily and experience the popular tourist attractions that it offers. Visit the historic theatres, churches, gardens, Corso Umberto, Mt Etna, etc. and make it a trip to remember for a lifetime.


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