A Short and Interesting Review of the New 1821 Greek Restaurant in Sydney

With the opening of the new restaurant-1821, the Greek food gets a little bit fancy this summer in Sydney.  The new restaurant is located in the heart of Sydney central business district in the old vault hotel martin place. The designer of this restaurant pays homage to the 1821 Greek revolution against the Ottomans through its interior designing.

The high ceilings, vast windows, and towering columns are specially brought down to earth by mixed-height seating and two level of dining. Customers feel like they are sitting up in the hills of Kolonaki with the beautiful and elite people of Sydney.

The revolution continues in the kitchen of the new 1821 Greek restaurant in Sydney as they offer signature baklava of pork belly,     “Greekslaw”, and “san choy bau” by Chef David Tsirekas who is much loved in Sydney from his time at Perama and Xanthi. He is a great chef and it is great to see him back on the pans.

Blonde-not-pink taramasalata

Blonde-not-pink taramasalata prepared by Chef David Tsirekas by not from the usual mullet or cod roe but it is prepared from swordfish roe with whipped with garlic, oil and lemon juice into creamy and soft things. The swordfish roe was imported from the Greek island of Kalymnos. The price of this delicious dish is $14.


The price of this dish is $28 and it is served as a small course. The four flaky cubes of golden filo pastry interleaved with soft sweet pork and nuts. The cost of this dish was $28 and it might be better with a tangy syrup dressing than a dark and heavy date and mastic paste.

Chicken avgolemono

The price of this dish is $34 and it is made from Greece’s lush, lemony custard and the Bannockburn bird.  The meaty breast rolled around a rich, warm, nutty stuffing of chestnut, barley, and golden raisins that are cooked slowly and then roasted in order to enhance their flavor and taste.

Greek wine

A robustly juicy red, Alpha Hedgehog 2011 xinomavro, is available at $78 and it is more than a passing resemblance to Nebbiolo.


Custard filo pie is charged at $15 and it is made to order take on traditional Greek Bougatsa, which is a layer of flaky filo pastry wrapped around sweet semolina custard.

The bottom line

The dishes that shine at this Greek Restaurant in Sydney are those that still have their Greek flavor-the taramasalata, a brilliant village salad, wild greens pie, and barbecue lamb shoulder while others feel more embellished and Europeanised.  The best thing about this restaurant is the real revolution is seeing Greek food and hospitality treated with love, respect, and technique.

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